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Services and fees

Created: 2014.03.20 / Updated: 2015.07.30 09:38
Fee for the issuance of repatriation certificate 5 EUR*
Fee for the issuance/replacement of passport 100EUR*
Fee for processing a visa application 60 EUR
Fee for the processing a visa application for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro (except biometric passport holders), FYR Macedonia (except biometric passport holders), Serbia (except biometric passport holders) 35 EUR
Fee for the legalisation of documents 20 EUR
Fee for an Apostille seal (per one document) 20 EUR
Fee for the attestation of a power of attorney, testament and etc. 30 EUR
Fee for the preparation of the agreements (power of attorney, testament and etc.) 50 EUR
Fee for the certification of the authenticity of the copies of the documents (per page) 10 EUR
Fee for the certification of the authenticity of person’s signature on a document 10 EUR
Fee for the certification of the veracity of the translation of the document from one language into another (per page) 30 EUR
Fee for issuance of the consular certificate 30 EUR
Fee for the request of documents from the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania 20 EUR













According to Article 6 of the law of consular fee of the Republic of Lithuania, there are some consular fee exemptions. The list of all consular fees can be found here.




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